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The Business of Kids - Globe & Mail Article

On Mon. June 29, 2009 an article in the Globe and Mail was published titled "The Business of Kids Inc." by Daniel Trefler which discusses the ROI (return on investment) when investing in Kids. The results of one clinical trial gave a ROI of 9.0%. Trefler goes on to point out that despite these incredible returns the Canadian Government "simply doesn't appreciate the value of investing in children" with only 0.2% of its GDP going to early childhood initiatives. Trefler also discusses the common arguments against spending on kids and disputes these arguments with references to other studies.

To read the full article go to: The Business of Kids Inc.

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MCF Newsletter Vol 1 Apr 09

MCF Newsletter Vol 1 Apr 09

Hi everyone! For those of you I haven't yet met, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you an update on Make Children First. I will be completing quarterly newsletters like this to keep you all up to date.

My husband and I moved to Kamloops from Alberta two years ago and I have been looking for work like this ever since. I have a broad educational base in health and physical education and a social/health research background. My community development experience comes largely from my volunteer commitments working to increase the opportunities for girls and women to be physically active throughout the province of Alberta.

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