About Us

Make Children First (MCF) is a province-wide program established and funded by the Ministry of
Children and Family Development to create community based, integrated and comprehensive
approaches to foster the healthy development of children up to 6 years old.

MCF in Kamloops was formed in 2002, and is one of 30 community development initiatives
around the province of BC that incorporates a strength based, population health approach to improving outcomes for young children and their families. Although MCF does not deliver services directly to children and families, we work to improve the services and programs in our community. We do this by bringing together a coalition of service providers and community members interested in early childhood development.

Our Vision

Kamloops will be a community that supports the healthy development of children and their families.

Our Mission

Working together we will enhance the ability of our community to support healthy development of children and their families

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Service planning and delivery will build upon and enhance what already exists in our community.
  • Collaborative partnerships between and among service providers will be strengthened.
  • The process of project development will be inclusive, open, transparent and based on consensus.
  • Parents and other primary care givers will be key participants in the development process.
  • We will work to improve the health of the overall population of children (aged zero to six) and their families.
  • We will advocate for children and families.
  • The whole community is responsible for the well being of its children.