Kamloops Children's Charter of Rights

Below is the Children's Charter of Rights in the words of Kamloops Children. Find out more about how the Charter was developed.

In the words of our children...


The right to basic needs Every child has the right to a home, clothing, nutritious food, clean air and water; to be loved, to sleep and have stuffies to cuddle with.


The right to make friends and freely meet in groups Every child has the right to have fun with friends - together we learn how to make friends, share, and know that it is okay to be ourselves.


The right to religion, culture and beliefs Every child has the right to learn acceptance, tolerance and to walk a path of our own.


The right to privacy Every child has the right to be alone, to have time for thinking and a spot to call "mine."


The right to justice, protection and treatment Every child has the right to live without fear knowing we will be safe - someone to protect us from spiders.


The right to education Every child has the right to learn how to read and write, and know what is going on in the world.


The right to a caring home environment Every child has the right to have someone to care for us, feed us, tuck us into bed, say "I love you" and try to give us a happy life.


The right to be heard Every child has the right to express themselves without being criticized, to make choices, ask questions and state an opinion - adults should respect that.


The right to an identity Every child has the right to learn and feel good about themselves, to have hope and wonder.


The right to peace Every child has the right to participate in peaceful gatherings and the freedom to love and be friends.


The right to equal access Every child has the right to be treated with the same love, care, respect and kindness - to not be treated differently because we are children.


The right to play Every child has the right to play in the rain and build a waterfall in the backyard.

UN Convention on the Right of the Child: