"It Takes a Village to Raise a Child"

Posted On: August 5, 2014

We're all in it together...

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Have you heard the old proverb that "it takes a village to raise a child?" It means many things but to Make Children First, it means that when you are raising your children, you as a parent, are not alone. In Kamloops, everyone who offers programs, resources and support to families with children 0-6, want to join you in your journey.

Some families in our community benefit from close family ties and strong circles of friends. Others feel very much alone and isolated. Being a parent to young children is a full contact sport, a twenty-four hour a day job and can be an overwhelming task some days.

Are you having one of those days? Are you working through a tough stage with your child?

We hear you!

As parents, we learn as we go, and in many ways, we grow up with our children. What we know for sure is that, parenting IS hard and it is OKAY to ask for help. Talk to your friends, your child care provider, your family, your doctor, your nurse, and all the trusted professionals who are trained to answer your questions.

We have a great list of family service providers. Click on the PDF above to download your copy.

Sometimes all you need is a coffee with a friend to share your struggle about getting your toddler to eat their veggies, sometimes you need a trained professional to help with your concern that your preschooler doesn't seem able to hold a pencil.

Whatever the case, reaching out to someone you trust will instantly help relieve your stress and allow you to feel like the struggles in your house are like those in everyone else's. Parenting is not easy but the more we support each other, the more fun and joy there is to be had.

Grow your village. Accept help. Stop judging. Offer to help others when you can.

Remember, we are all in it together...

Sue Lissel
Manager, Make Children First
Mother of 2


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