Thank you Child Care Providers

Posted On: June 27, 2017

Thank you caregivers and child care professionals!

For all hard-working parents, child care is a very important part of their child’s everyday life, and this May we want to recognize and say thank you to the professionals who nurture and educate our children while we are away.

Child care professionals build the brains and hearts of our little ones by providing warm, inviting and safe settings where children can play, explore and learn. Early Childhood Educators are knowledgeable in many areas of child health, growth and brain development, and are trained to provide care that is stimulating for each age and stage of early childhood.

Very young children need to feel safe, secure and loved to grow and develop optimally. Parents can look for caregivers who are warm and responsive to their child when seeking quality child care. Young children will thrive in environments where they can explore, imagine and create for themselves. High quality child care provides some structure, age-appropriate materials and a safe environment while allowing children to try things for themselves (with or without help). It is often said that “play is a child’s work” because children do their best learning through play!

It is with tremendous respect that Make Children First celebrates all the care givers in our community. Thank you for helping us create a caring community where all children thrive.

Sue Lissel – Manager, Make Children First