Children's Therapy and Family Resource Centre

The Children’s Therapy & Family Resource Centre provides therapy services for children & youth (birth to 19 years) and support for children, their families and the community in which they live.

Services for Children  0 to 6 include:

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  • Physiotherapy promotes physical development and movement.
  • Occupational Therapy helps children to be successful in daily functional activities such as toileting, dressing, eating, sleeping, school readiness, attention and play
  • Speech and Language Services improves understanding and listening skill, as well as talking.
  • Family Resources services include identifying community and provincial resources, workshops, counselling, lending cupboard of equipment, adaptive living devices, library of books and videos.
  • Supported Child Development works with community care providers to support the involvement of children in their neighborhood early childhood setting.
  • Early Intervention Program provides support and services for children and families
  • Kamloops Autism Program providing early intensive behavioural intervention for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Autism Diagnostic Program physician referral for assessment

Contact the Kamloops Therapy and Family Resource Centre at  801 McGill Road, Kamloops BC   Phone: 250-371-4100  and online at: